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Uncovering your core values and beliefs is an ever evolving skill set that will empower you to unlock your potential.

We believe you release these necessary skills by understanding, remembering and deliberately practicing them.

What we do

Tribel gives you the opportunity to develop your soft skills through the most actionable content from the greatest minds to have ever put pen to paper.


 You must know how a book’s author’s ideas, experiences and life lessons can be applied to your unique situation. Each podcast lays out this understanding


You must have the actionable content ready in your mind at the moment of truth. It cannot remain in the cloud somewhere, tucked away. You must have it when you are in a difficult conversation, sales meeting etc. The summaries have you covered.


Deliberate Practice

To truly know if a newly discovered piece of wisdom is going to work for you, you must put it to the test in the real world. Only then will you know whether to discard it or keep it.