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Why Tribel Exists

We believe you take control of your career by understanding and mastering your behaviours. This mastery happens when you understand, remember and deliberately practice your new strategies and who better to learn from than the best business leaders.



Acquiring knowledge is only of value if you understand where you can deploy it in your personal and professional life. Our 40 min podcast episodes will empower you to identify opportunities to put your newly acquired knowledge to work.



Once you have understood where you can apply your new knowledge you must be able to recall it at the moment of truth. Whether that moment is during a sales conversation, an important presentation or dealing with a difficult situation. This knowledge must be at the forefront of your mind, not safely tucked away in a drawer or cloud storage. The key to excellent and easy recall is using images and repetition. Our quick-use and varied spaced repetition summaries empower you to perform this recall at your desired moment of truth.


Deliberately Practice

The purpose of understanding and remembering these behavioural skills is to apply them to your relationships thereby improving the encounters with everyone you meet. Using the dedicated digital Action Log, decide on the times and situations in your life where you can deliberately practice your newly acquired knowledge.

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