12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos

The Rules for life

Jordan Peterson is a divisive figure. People either love him or hate him. In his book 12 Rule for Life: An Antidote to Chaos he lays down 12 rules that pull no punches. He is of the opinion that people like you and me need to take responsibility for there lives and their actions. Are there terrible things happening in the world? Yes but you must focus on what you can control.

Get your house in order before criticizing the world

He talks about ensuring that your room is tidy before you begin criticizing the world. He has a point – if you cannot build the discipline to make your bed and empty the dishwasher everyday then perhaps you are not qualified to tell society how far it has fallen from the perfect ideals. Everyone is entitled to their opinion about how the world should be run but maybe some opinions hold more weight than others. The world is made up of countless interconnected systems. None of them are perfect, they are open to exploitation and they are run by humans who themselves are flawed and full of contradictions. Following these 12 rules will help you to make sense of the world, your role in it and how you can improve your situation.

And SPOILER ALERT: it is ultimately down to you and no one else to improve your life. You can get help in areas you need it (fitness, career coach etc.) but it is you who must take the first step. A profoundly influential book with lessons that are undeniable.

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