Dark Social

Personality and behaviour aren’t different online vs. offline

The internet and social media is an extension of our lives and communication and so not completely separate.
It has very real impacts on us, and how we interact with the world so it’s important to understand that and manage your time and behaviour accordingly.

Focus on the different personality styles and how they look online

Different people can respond fundamentally differently to stress, challenge and adversity.
Understanding how different people react, and what kind of support they need is a huge step in building healthy and resilient. teams. Understanding that the ‘dark side’ isn’t just aggressive. There’s a whole range of other behaviours that can cause problem and conflict – understanding how that happens and with whom can help to prevent misunderstandings and reduce conflict.

Social and technology factors

Social media platforms are designed to elicit strong emotional reactions, so creating conflict is built into the platforms.
Manage that and how you use them with that in mind! And there’s all sorts of ways we can build systems that are resilient to prevent toxic leadership.

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