Think Like a Monk

Going from pillar to post is a trap that a lot of us fall into. We are too busy working, looking after kids etc. to stop and think about the direction of your life. This episode addresses this ‘busyness’. What is it all for? You need to find time to hit pause, take a breath, look around and decide if you are at least trending in the right direction in the areas of your life that are the most important to you.

That is the message from the Jay Shetty. You are responsible for your life so act like it. He talks about finding your values – those areas of your life that mean the most to you, that are important. If you are in anguish in your life or you feel you are languishing there is a chance that you are out of kilter with your values. That is, you are not being true to yourself. It is never too late to course-correct. Shetty explains how to go about identifying and aligning with your values. He also speaks about auditing your values from time to time. It is one thing to recognise your values but you might reach a stage of your life where the values that got you to where you are may not be the best values to take you to the next stage. For example, in your career, being aggressive and single minded might have got you up the career ladder but maybe now you have a family and you could consider readjusting what is important to you. Sometimes it can be as simple as being aware of your changing situation.

Shetty makes an interesting point about not being a saviour. Being on a journey of self-discover does not make you an expert on how everyone else should be living their lives. Trying to save everyone is tiresome and ultimately will be fruitless. Everyone is on their own timeline for development so focus on being the best you can be in your chosen arena. Coupled with that is the fact that you should be happy for those around you. Happiness and success is not a zero-sum game. There is plenty to go around so be happy when others succeed.

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